The future of home automation is here!

Homes today can be keyless, voice activated, self-securing locations. They can greet you when you enter, auto arm when you leave, even turn off the AC if a fire is detected. Fat Cat can automate almost every situation with either an action and/or notification. Adding all of this to a crystal-clear IP camera system will make you the talk of your neighbors.

While we give only a brief overview of the services below, we may still offer what you need even if not mentioned. Environment permitting, we have been successful on implementing systems in locations not initially designed for said location. By having a complete understanding of the functionality of the equipment, we are able to greatly expand our options available for your locations needs.


Homes today want the best audio and video systems while seeing as little of it as possible. Cables are hidden in every location, wireless is becoming the standard connection and "entertainment" closets are now normal in homes. We are here to help with it all. From mounting and configuring your audio/video devices to complete custom home theater systems, we have a solution for you. Need better wireless for your devices? Our wireless systems can offer complete coverage of your location while seamlessly connecting all your devices to one central network. With these wireless systems, using your wireless speakers or screen sharing to your TV is always stable, every time.


You hate cables, we hate cables, everyone hates cables. While today’s technology is moving to a cable-less world, cables will be around for years to come. We can run almost any cable to almost any location in a clean, secure, hidden manner. With custom faceplates of up to 24 ports, all of those cables going to your TV/entertainment center/etc can now be cleaner than ever. Want to add internet to your secondary building without getting a secondary internet? We have some of the most affordable, stable solutions to bridge connections between buildings without digging up your yard in the process.

Home Automation

It’s nice having a smoke alarm to warn you of fire or a thermostat that you can control from your phone, but how about a smoke alarm that turns off your air handler to reduce producing more air that fuels a fire? Having the correct home automation not only makes life at home easier, but can also have a big safety benefit as well; controlling light switches, notifications of a kid’s bedroom door opening, automated blinds and much more. Not only can we connect and configure a home that you can control but we can also configure a home that will control itself. With an "If This, Then That" approach, we can configure most devices to trigger based off situations determined by the home owner.


There are over 100 camera systems on the market today and we have seen most of them. Anyone can put up a camera system, but would they protect their family with it? At Fat Cat, the exact cameras we would use to protect your family, we use to protect our families as well. With amazing clarity in almost any lighting, color at nighttime and weather/tamperproof ratings, our systems are designed to last for years to come. We can cover your entrance gate from ¼ mile away. Have a large property, trying to combine multiple buildings or maybe monitor entry gates? We have a solution for any video monitoring needs you may have. Combining this with smart locks and an automated security system, and you can rest well knowing your family is safer.


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