Businesses these days are lacking many of the technological advancements that exist.

From 4K cameras and motion activated lighting systems to app controlled Multi TV integration, we can do it all. Fat Cat specializes in every piece of today's advanced technology to ensure the perfect solution for your custom busines needs. Let us come you show how our automated systems can not only help your business operate safer, but also assist with a wide variety of time consuming tasks.

While we give only a brief overview of the services below, we may still offer what you need even if not mentioned. Environment permitting, we have been successful on implementing systems in locations not initially designed for said location. By having a complete understanding of the functionality of the equipment, we are able to greatly expand our options available for your locations needs.

Multi Family

With crime rates in apartments, condos and subdivisions rising at an alarming rate, it’s residents finding themselves in need of a more centralized surveillance system. Having a system that monitors vehicle entry/exit points, street intersections, community areas and parking locations can help reduce that crime greatly. Not only does it offer as a visual deterrent, we can also employ features such as license plate recognition, event detection, facial recognition, perimeter protection and video analytics. Adding a secure, stable wireless network allows you to place cameras almost anywhere. We also centralize the recording to a location of your choosing with storage size decided by record time required. Off-site storage is also an option.


The one thing you never want to see offshore is a disaster that safety training has always prepared you for. From gas leaks and fire to vessel collisions and sinking, these situations could arise at any moment. However, with the proper monitoring and detection equipment, these issues have a better chance of being avoided. With systems like fire prevention and detection< using thermal imaging, you can not only have an alert of abnormal situations, but also deploy an automated fire prevention system to control issues if they happen. We can incorporate a thermal imaging heads up camera for increased visibility at night. These cameras can be incorporated into certain navigation systems for even easier nighttime vessel steering. There are many more options of systems from gas detection to secured multi-floor wireless access points.


Bank robberies in the US can be dated back to 1798. Over time the technology to identify subjects has improved, however, most locations are unaware of this new technology. Due to this lack of knowledge, identification of situations and subjects are blurred and in question. These questions should not exist with today’s video surveillance systems. While we may not be able to prevent this situation from happening, we can assist in clearly identifying a subject. By strategically placing cameras, such as height bar cameras in entry choke points, or a vehicle monitoring system for drive entry points, we can ensure at no time is someone off camera. To have the ability of knowing someone’s exact height or receive detailed information of a vehicle can greatly help local law enforcement when needed. When you add software like facial recognition, you will have the best option in recreating the most ideal image of a subject and their movement. Also, increasing security measures by adding an access control system can allow you to feel safer knowing that only authorized personnel will enter designated locations.


Many healthcare facilities are making the jump into the future of technology. From a digital record system to Virtual Reality Doctor interactions, companies are now able to do things once unthinkable. However, with the new adaptation of systems, HIPPA compliance is being overlooked in a more conventional sense. Many companies are lacking on the physical security, network security and digital file security. We want to help secure your patients privacy and information while seamlessly protecting your company and personnel. With key card/biometric access control on most doors, you can control specifically who can access what door. If video surveillance is needed, we have options of 24/7 non-disclosure recording. This gives us the ability to pixilate persons, moving objects or user defined locations, like a computer monitor. We even offer secured wireless systems as well as lighting and video automation.


In retail, a camera system is generally used for identification of theft or incident. But what if it could be more than just a camera? Our systems are just that. Not only can we offer superb detail in almost any lighting, but we can offer features that can turn your video into a data gold mind. With add-ons like register monitoring and recognition, people counting and tracking or 2D and 3D sensors for retail analytics, we can show you a system that can help you make money. With this information, you can know what product location is stopped at the most, what path is preferred to a frequented section or what entry point is most used. We also offer some of the most innovative cameras on the market. With 12MP fisheye or 12MP 108deg panoramic cameras, area detail has never been easier to cover. Height bar cameras at choke point locations are also a good addition for individual identification. If audio and video are giving you trouble, we have you covered here too. With a fully integrated business automation system, we will be able to control your entire location from app or console.


With thermal imaging cameras, we can aid in automated inspections, process control and condition monitoring. If you deal with something more NBC related, we can help you too. We have chemical, biological, and radiological/nuclear detectors for advanced monitoring. Is gas a worry? We have a wide variety of gas detection systems for LDAR, Methane, VOC, CO2, SF6 and more. We also offer fire detection and prevention systems through thermal imaging.


High-End video surveillance is no longer limited to fixed locations. With today’s technology, we can incorporate very detailed, tamperproof cameras for almost any vehicle situation. Combining the GPS vehicle tracking system with vehicle data collection, and you have all the information you need during an incident. Do you need 180 panoramic or 360 spherical viewing? We got you covered. If you are public transportation, emergency services or even a terminal station, we have a solution for any of your video monitoring demands.

Emergency Services

Today’s emergency services personnel need help and support now more than ever. With handheld, fixed, PTZ and aerial thermal detection systems, locating suspects, heat spots and even explosives is now easier than ever. Firefighters are always at a disadvantage when going to a fire. With thermal UAV drones and personal thermal imagers, fire fighters can now get both an overall view of the heat output of a location as well as an inside, closer to source, reading of heat locations. For today’s law enforcement, a personal thermal monocular can greatly assist in day and nighttime situations when tracking subjects hiding in other wise non-visible locations. Combine this with thermal aerial support and there is a greater chance of apprehending a suspect. There are also the threats that don’t show themselves. Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear, Explosive and Drug detection systems are also available.

Building Contractor Services

Missing, damaged, or inadequate insulation, building envelope air leaks, moisture intrusion, and substandard work are costly to residential and commercial building owners. Contractor inspections are crucial in insuring a quality project before completion. Not only does it save money in constant repairs but it also gives clients a piece of mind. From general contractors to HVAC and plumbing, thermal imaging can help to find the imperfections that may exist in ducts, electrical, plumbing and more. Have a large location? We even offer aerial inspection kits to give you that larger view in little to no time.


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